The FLOVAC® CANISTER is a complete disposable system. It consists of a single-use rigid canister coupled with a lid hermetically fixed on it thanks to spring clips preventing any accidental opening.
The FLOVAC® CANISTER when fastened to the lid by the operator, becomes a complete sealed container to be disposed after the use. CANISTERS are available in 4 capacities and they can be supplied in different configurations: canister only, canister with 1.8 m hose, canister with 1.8 m hose and vacuum breaker. 

Spring clips to grant a permanent and safe fastening to the rigid jar by the operator.

When CANISTER is in use, it is also possible to jellify the suctioned liquids by inserting a gelling powder bag into the jar before fastening the lid.

A graduated scale, with 50 ml intervals, printed on the jar allows an easy monitoring of the suctioned volume. In case of the 0.5 L capacity, graduation intervals are 5 ml up to 50 ml / 10 ml up to 300 ml / 50 ml up to 500 ml thus granting the most accurate reading in applications where critical measures of the suctioned fluids are required.

To avoid jars getting stuck or unexpected inner scraping, CANISTERS are equipped with four ribs inside the bottom area stopping properly the jar position when one inside the other.