The lids are different between the LINER version, having the collection bag welded and integrated, and the CANISTER version, where the lid is a cover able to get complete sealing when firmly placed and connected onto the jar by the hospital staff. In both FLOVAC® versions all connections and handling devices are concentrated on the lid. PATIENT and VACUUM ports (one male and the other female, to avoid any misconnection), the TANDEM port, the handle to help the bag removal after use (LINER version) and for easy transport, two plugs, connected to the lid through integrated plastic wirings, to close and seal the PATIENT port and the TANDEM port after use.

In case of suction with one jar only, this TANDEM port must be plugged before use. The male PATIENT port fits a removable 90° elbow with connection diameter 8.0÷9.2 mm for normal suction operations. In case of suction with expected collected fluids containing bone fragments it is enough to remove the elbow getting access to the direct vertical connecting port having diameter 14.0÷15.5 mm. The lower part of the lid fits the mechanical valve with antibacterial filter and its protection.